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Control panel PulsON Alarm 4G


The PulsON Alarm 4G control panel is the main board of the PulsON Alarm hybrid alarm system, designed to protect small and medium-sized facilities - both houses and apartments, as well as smaller public institutions. Provides protection in accordance with the requirements of Grade 2 of the EN50131-1 standard. The board has 8 armed zones with the possibility of extending the number of zones up to a maximum of 80 and 5 fully programmable outputs - including one implemented by means of a relay that protects the system against possible sabotage attempts. The control panel has two independent supervised AUX auxiliary power outputs.

The control panel board has a built-in 4G/2G and ETHERNET/Wi-Fi module, enabling communication with the mobile application intended for the user, as well as with the monitoring station. The system is programmed via a standard USB-B connector or a keypad connected to the control panel.

The system based on the PulsON Alarm 4G control panel is distinguished by quick installation, trouble-free configuration and extremely intuitive operation. In addition to traditional methods of controlling the system, the control panel also offers control from the PulsON Alarm mobile application and control via the clip function.

The control panel has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the EN-50131 standard in the field of Grade2.

8 zone inputs on the main board
support for up to 80 detection lines
additional tamper input
1 programmable relay output
4 programmable OC type outputs
support for up to 12 programmable outputs
the ability to divide the system into 8 independent partitions
each partition can be armed in one of two modes (full and night)
support for up to 8 keypads
100 user codes
log of not less than 1000 events
GSM 4g/2G and ETHERNET/Wi-FI communication modules integrated with the board
selection of parametric resistor values (1k, 1.1k, 2.2k, 2.7k, 3.3k, 3.74k, 4.7k, 5.6k, 6.8k, 6.98k, 10k)
smartphone application for the system user
communication protocol with ARC - ContactID
pulson alarm centrala


System type
Detection lines on the board
Detection lines (maximum)
Programmable outputs on board
Programmable outputs (maximum)
Built-in communicator
4G cellular / 2G cellular / ETHERNET / Wi-Fi
Event log capacity
minimum 1000
Number of users
Support for wireless devices
Feature in preparation
Number of wireless lines (maximum)
Feature in preparation
Wireless Remotes
Feature in preparation
Feature in preparation
Wireless sirens
Feature in preparation
System control via SMS
Feature in preparation
System control via a mobile application
Possibility of remote programming
Feature in preparation
Compliance with the requirements of the EN50131-1 standard
Grade 2
Board power supply
16-18 V AC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
200 mA
Operating temperature range
-10°C do +55°C
Up to 93% non-condensing
Battery required
Up to 18 Ah
Current efficiency of the board's power supply
2,5 A
190 x 92 mm
141 g
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