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PulsON is a Polish brand that was created in response to the real needs of the market.
In recent years, the SSWiN industry has been constantly developing, and the expectations of customers and users in terms of quality, professionalism and the level of security are growing. Therefore, the idea was born in our ranks to create products that will satisfy even the most demanding specialists, and at the same time will be suitable for the end customer, for whom the most important is a high level of security with simple system operation.
A professional alarm system based on Pulson devices was designed to protect small and medium-sized facilities, such as houses, flats or companies. Its main task is to ensure the safety of property owners and other persons authorized to stay in the building.  

Convenient system control, easy installation and system configuration make PulsON one of the best solutions for protecting small houses or offices. Security systems have come a long way in recent years. Currently, the alarm system is more than an alarm that goes off when the front door is opened. It is an advanced network of sensors, detectors, and often also cameras that track everything that happens in your home or business.
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PulsON are user-, installer- and environment-friendly solutions.
Technical support

You need help? We assure you that we will do everything to solve your every problem. 
Call us: +48 791 313 715.


Our service located in Poland will make every effort to repair your devices as soon as possible.

Application for the user

Free mobile application (iOS and Android) for users allows for simple operation of the alarm system even thousands of kilometers from the protected facility.

PC application for the installer

Darmowa aplikacja na PC dla instalatorów umożliwia instalację, konfigurację i diagnostykę systemu.

Designed and manufactured in Poland

Most of our devices, i.e. the control panel, extension module and keypads, have been fully designed and manufactured in Poland.


We offer the organization of trainings, during which participants will gain specialist knowledge and will have a chance to learn about the latest solutions used in alarm systems.

Grade 2

Our devices meet the second level of protection in accordance with the requirements of the EN50131-1 standard.


Стабільна польська хмара з розширеним шифруванням і сервери, розташовані в Польщі, забезпечують найвищий рівень безпеки.

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